Student Support

(Photo credit: Sir Cam)

Our students come from all backgrounds and from across the world. What unites them is their passion for their subjects and their huge intellectual potential. To ensure they reach that potential, we provide scholarships, bursaries and awards; something which is made possible only by those who support us.


Case study:  Law

Law both at mature Undergraduate and Postgraduate level is a key strength at Hughes Hall. Not only do Hughes alumni go on to take positions that shape the profession, but the academic study of Law undertaken by Hughesians continues to inform scholarship and debate across the sector. It is vital that we continue to maintain this tradition, and to do so, we need to attract the very best students, regardless of circumstances, to study with us. Recently, donations to the College enabled us to launch the Foundation for International Uniform Law Scholarship, and appoint a new Charnley Fellow in Law to improve in-house provision to our students. Only by training the best academic minds in the best surroundings can we hope to make a positive impact on the future.

Case study: Social Entrepreneurship

Increasingly, our MBAS, EMBAs and related students need to be aware of the wider world and responsive to it. At the same time, there is a growing need both from consumers and from entrepreneurs to be at the heart of a socially aware, socially responsible and socially conscious world. With our partners at the Judge Business School, we are pioneering the MSt in Social Innovation and have secured funds for a £10,000 Bursary for its first year. Meanwhile, the Enterprise Society, supported by donations, has given budding entrepreneurs funds and support for projects as diverse as new, safer designs for catheters, using big data to combat disease, and new, efficient ways of detecting cancer. Projects like this can ensure that the real world skills our students acquire go to making the world a better place, enriching society as a whole. We need to do more to ensure we can continue the good work this has begun.




Case Study: Cambridge Africa Programme Scholarships

Hughes Hall is one of four Colleges actively involved in the Cambridge Africa Programme, a scheme to boost training for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers from African Universities and Institutes through partnership with Cambridge University. With support from this scheme and its benefactors, we will play host to scholars who will be directly involved in having a real impact in Africa and the wider world.